Frey-Lech Trio

Joanna Gryko – violin
Katarzyna Breczko – vocals
Lech Mazurek – accordion

During the last five years, the band, with many personal changes, has performed live in a great number of places on many occasions such as: 4th Jewish Culture Festival “Zachor – colour and sound 2011” in Białystok; 21st Music Dialogues by the Bug River in Mielnik; “Uroczysko 2011” in Supraśl; Four Cultures Night in Krynki (2012); during the visitation of Bronisław Komorowski, the President of Poland in Michałowo.

In 2012 Frey-Lech Trio promoted their first album in The Ludwik Zamenhof Centre in Białystok. Along with another folk band Young Folk Crew, they performed in Bielorussia (2013), in the White Stork Synagogue in Wrocław (2014), and in Synagogue in Orla (2015).

Since 2016 the band has been performing in the present line-up with a new repertoire:

  • March: a concert for the members of Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Kultury Żydowskiej in Białystok
  • April: composing and recording music for a short film “Beautiful times” by Tomasz Wiśniewski
  • May: a concert during the Long Night of Museums in Tykocin Castle
  • June: a performance in Bialystok Cultural Centre during the 75th anniversary of the Massacre of the Jews in Białystok
  • July: the band performed during the premiere of The Doll (pol. Lalka), a novel by Bolesław Prus, translated into Esperanto

Today, Frey-Lech Trio is constantly preparing and rehearsing new material, which later will be recorded and published on a new album. The new material is significantly different. Owing to Kasia’s vocal talents and Joasia’s beautiful violin sounds, it’s much more nostalgic. Lyrics has been translated into Yiddish, and Esperanto by Tomasz Chmielik.

Repertoire for 17th Zamenhof Days (2016) in Białystok:

  1. Nign/A Song of Beautiful Land Medley (lyrics in Esperanto by T. Chmielik, traditional music)
  2. Mako masz melon (lyrics by R. Kołakowski, traditional music)
  3. Der Filosof (lyrics in Yiddish, traditional music)
  4. “Schindler’s List” theme (music by J. Williams)
  5. Bialistok majn hajm (Polish lyrics by L. Mazurek, music by J. Ciganari)